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Dr Jay Pee – No Other God

Following the release of his debut single titled ‘Oghene doh’ in October 2019, Dr Jay Pee drops his second single titled ‘No other God’.
He is a practising medical doctor, pastor, worship leader, vocalist, songwriter and composer with ever green passion for gospel music, having begun his musical career in his undergraduate days with ‘New Xpressions’, a nationally famous gospel music group back in the 1990s.
In today’s world, the decision to remain a true child of God comes with trials and temptations orchestrated from the kingdom of darkness, which aim to make the believer bow in worship to Satan’s influences and manipulations, in a bid to spite the only true God.
Like it was in the days of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the pressure of every saved child of God to bow to another god is still very much on in today’s world.
This song titled ‘No other God’ is a strong reminder and reverent affirmation of the sovereignty of God as the only true God in our lives as believers, and that besides Him, there is no other God we will serve (Luke 4:8).
Listen to “No Other God” below;

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Verse 1
I have no other God but YouBut You (2x)You are the only God I knowElshaddaiNo other God but You
There is no other living GodWho rules and reignsAll other gods are the works of menThey have mouth but they cannot speak
For You are my Lord and KingForever Your name is glorifiedYou are the only God I serveForever You will be magnified.
Chorus 1
No other God (2x)There’s no other God but YouNo other God (2x)Only You are God (2x)
Verse 2
I have no other God but YouYou, YouWho lives and never diesYou are the only God I loveElohimThe only God I love
You are the only living GodWho reigns in majestyAll other gods are the works of menThey have eyes but they cannot see
For You are my Lord and FriendForever Your name is lifted highYou are the only God I praiseForever my praise will rise to You
Chorus 2 (2x)
No other God (3x)But YouNo other God (2x)Only You are God (2x)
Na ni gi bu chi (4x)

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